Programming for Mobile and Smart Devices

Programming for Mobile and Smart Devices

If you are not a member of my current class in DIT, this stuff will most likely not be useful to you.
Last Updated:  3rd November

Hey guys, I’ve taken down the notes from the blog here(but left all the results) as I’ll be updating and editing them for my newer classes. Still no ETA on the Final Project Results, but I’ll update the blog here when I know more but they’ll be all done in the next few weeks. As always if you need to get in touch I’m at megajenius at gmail dot com – Eoghan


Assignment 1 Results – Assignment1ResultsDoc

Project Proposal + Prototype Results – ProposalResultsDoc

Project Proposal + Prototype Results(Late Submissions) – ProposalResultsDocLateSubmissions

Assignment 2 Results – Assignment2ResultsDoc

Final Project Results – Coming Soon


7 thoughts on “Programming for Mobile and Smart Devices

  1. Hello, Eoghan, and thanks for the links to the DT265 material.
    The link for ‘Tasks’ for Thursay 12th July leads back to the page.

    Best regs,


  2. Just a question about assignment 2. Should we be aiming to have all of the code we use written by ourselves, or can we avail of classes and libraries created by other people. For example director class for transitions between screens, or libraries that can be used to create advanced menu functionality, etc… Just want to know before I start getting too ambitious with the assignment.



    • Hey Robbie,

      Feel free to take advantage of the 3rd party libraries available for Corona if they help you achieve you goals. Learning how to use a 3rd party library correctly can be just as valuable as doing it yourself, and will generally save you time.

      I would advise sticking to the Corona supported Storyboard rather than using Director, but I have no issues with you using Director if you wish.

      Keep in mind though that if your app does nothing other than show me what a particular 3rd party library can do, that isn’t a good thing. Use 3rd party libraries to help develop your app, not as the primary function of it.


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