Game Programming

If you are not a member of my current class in DIT, this stuff will most likely not be useful to you.

As we cover more material this will be the place for you guys to get Lecture Slides, Examples, Tasks for the labs and also your Assignments when I release them. I will be updating this page as we go along so pay attention to it!

If you have a question for me, feel free to comment on the blog below or, as always, you can get in touch with me at megajenius at gmail dot com.

Last Updated:  22nd July 2014

Hey guys. The repeat assignments for each Semester are now here on the blog if you are looking for them. Both have a due date of 6TH AUGUST. Good luck!

Semester 1 Repeat Assignment – Game Programming 2014 Semester 1 Repeat Assignment

Semester 2 Repeat Assignment – Game Programming 2014 Semester 2 Repeat Assignment



Assignment 2  – GameProgramming2013-2014Semester2Assignment2

Assignment 2 Results – Assignment2ResultsDoc

Assignment 2 Solution –

Note: I didn’t bother implementing each letter, but there should be enough there to understand.

Assignment 3 – GameProgramming2013-2014Semester2Assignment3

Assignment 3 Results – Coming Soon

Assignment 3 Solution – Coming Soon

Assignment 4 – (DUE 16th MAY 2014)GameProgramming2013-2014Semester2Assignment4


An introductory Processing book – (Email me if you want a copy)

Level 8 Christmas Cards using Processing –

Space Shooter Game Group 1 (Final Version) –

Space Shooter Game Group 2 (Final Version) –

Notes from Last Lecture –

Lab Tasks

Solutions Week 1-3 –

Solutions Week 5-6 –

Week One – Semester2LabTasks-WeekOne

Week Two – Semester2LabTasks-WeekTwo

Week Three – Semester2LabTasks-WeekThree

Week Five – Semester2LabTasks-WeekFive

Week Six – Semester2LabTasks-WeekSix


Topic 1 –

Topic 2 –

Topic 3 –

Topic 4 –

Extra Sketches Week Four –

Lecture Slides

Topic 1 – Topic 1 – Intro to Processing

Topic 2 – Topic 2 – Variables, Ifs, Functions, Loops

Topic 3 – Topic 3_ Functions, Arrays, Processing Variables & String Manipulation

Topic 4 – Topic 4_ Introduction to Objects



Assignment 1 – GameProgramming2013-2014Assignment1

Assignment 1 Solution –

Lab Tasks

This is where you can find your Tasks for the Labs each week.

Week One – LabTasks-WeekOne

Week Two – LabTasks-WeekTwo

Week Three – LabTasks-WeekThree

Week Four – LabTasks-WeekFour

Week Five – LabTasks-WeekFive

Week Six – ClassTest1

Week Seven – LabTasks-WeekSeven

Week Eight – LabTasks-WeekEight

Lab Tasks Solutions

Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 –

Week 5 –

Week 6(Class Test) –

Week 7 –

Week 8 –


This is where I’ll be uploading the slides as we finish each Topic.

Topic 1, Full – Topic 1_ Intro to Corona and Lua

Topic 2, Full – Topic 2_ Tables, Arrays and Functions


Topic 1: Introduction to Corona SDK and Lua (FULL) –

Topic 2: Tables, Arrays and Functions –

Topic 3, PART ONE –

Extra Examples from last class of the year(Stuff on Corona) –


21 thoughts on “Game Programming

  1. Hey Eoghan! I seem to be having trouble opening these zip files. I am using Winzip, when I extract the files my computer is advising me not to. Would it be possible for you to upload the actual ‘main.lua’ examples for each topic. So I can download a folder containing all the actual code examples. Sorry if I am being a total noob here. Thanks.

    • Hey Unknown!

      So zip files are basically just folders which are compressed into a single file so they can be uploaded and downloaded easily. The reason your computer is advising you not to extract it is that if you download a random zip file from the internet, you won’t know what it’s contents will be before extracting it and it could contain a virus.

      But I promise you, the zip files with the examples in them do not contain any viruses. =)

      It would be completely unfeasible for me to upload every example individually as (a) it would take a long time to upload each one as a single “main.lua” file and (b) you would have no way of telling which main.lua file is which, since they all have to be called “main.lua”.

      The easiest way for you guys to download a folder, is to download the zip file and then extract it. All that these zip files are, is just a folder containing all the examples.

      Hope this helps!
      All the best,

    • Hey Emile,

      Sorry for the late response. The Assignment is now up on the blog and uses the code we went through in the last class before the break.

      All the best,

  2. when are we back in class im in here today 13/01/2014 and no one is here . are people at home doing battleship project?

    • Hey Patrick,

      Sorry you showed up for class with no one present! =( The first week of semester 2 starts on Monday the 27th of Jan 2014.

      We are keeping the same timetable as last semester as far as I know.

      And I imagine most students are doing the battleship assignment at home(remember Corona is free to download and install on Windows and Mac) but you may be able to use our room before semester 2 starts either.

      All the best,

    • Hey Nut,

      I’ll get the solutions up for the first three weeks of Tasks at the time as I post the Assignment.

      In other words – Some time before next Monday. =)

      All the best,

  3. Hey Eoghan,
    Could you include an image of the shapes of the letters you want for the sem2 assignment1. Or do we use our imagination??


    • Hey Daniel,

      You are free to create the letters in whatever way you wish, so long as they use only the line function in their creation. There won’t be any marks for how simple or complex the actual letters are =) But you’re more than free to come up with interesting designs!

      All the best,

  4. Hey Eoghan,

    Just wondering if you’ll have the next assignment posted on your blog before Monday as you mentioned that you might in the last class? cheers!

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