Eoghan O’Donovan is a game design enthusiast working in Ireland. In 2012 he started Kahoot Studios with Erik Roche Farrelly. Kahoot Studios is currently working on their first in house title, as well as doing consulting and client work.

Eoghan is a former Lead Game Designer and Office Manager at Open Emotion Studios. He brought 4 titles from conception to release at Open Emotion Studios: Mad Blocker Alpha, Ninjamurai, Revoltin Youth and I Kill Zombies.

Eoghan spreads his knowledge as a part time lecturer in DIT and helps teenagers learn programming in Future Creators. He also does workshops in Corona, Unity, GameSalad and Game Design.

Eoghan is a fan of all games, big and small, serious and casual, digital and board. He is also a fan of Magic the Gathering and many other CCGs.

Eoghan’s Favourite Game of all time(which changes a lot): The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

What is Eoghan Currently playing: Pokemon(of all shapes and sizes), Skyrim.


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