Who the hell am I?

That’s a pretty hefty question to start a blog off with, but don’t worry, I won’t go all philosophical on you guys. I’m Eoghan O’Donovan, college trained programmer, self trained game designer. I’ve been in the Games Industry for almost two years at this point, but I’ve wanted to be a game designer for pretty much my whole life. I’ve found the best way to get better at game design is to constantly think about it, and I reckon the best way to constantly think about it is to write frequent blog posts.

I’m a Computer Science graduate, a course I enrolled in purely as a stepping stone to getting into the Games Industry. I am not a programmer at heart so you will probably see very few posts about programming, if any, on this blog. I think programming is a fantastic skill to have at your disposal as a game designer, but it’s not in any way a requirement.

I spent the last year and a half working for Open Emotion Studios, which I have recently left behind me so I can move onto bigger and better things! When I joined the company, I was the only full time member of staff alongside the founders. In the 18 months I spent at the company I learned a hell of a lot and worked in a hell of a lot of roles. I’ve brought 4 games from conception to release as part of the studio (Mad Blocker Alpha, Ninjamurai, Revoltin’ Youth and I Kill Zombies), the first three of which I was majorly involved in and the last one I only played a minor role in. I worked for just under 6 months on an unannounced game as Lead Game Designer, a project to be published by Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive, the publishers behind Magicka, Mount & Blade, and many other great titles. I was the Manager of the Dublin branch of Open Emotion Studios for 7 months before it was closed by the company for financial reasons.

I gained a wealth of experience from my time at Open Emotion Studios and also some great contacts and friends. I’m currently looking for a new position in the Games Industry in Ireland and I’m working on a few bits and pieces along the way. This will hopefully be the most boring of all my blog posts, but it always helps to know a bit about the person who’s words you’re reading.

I don’t know everything about Game Design and I never will. It’s an area that I will continue to learn about for the rest of my life. But I’m hoping I can at least raise some interesting points or just post my crazy musings over the future of this blog.

So that’s who the hell I am!

Eoghan “megajenius” O’Donovan


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